Which are the most comfortable saddles ?

There is one very important thing when you approach or discover the world of horseback riding and its practice. One essential thing wich will depend on your physical shape and the attitude of your horse. A decisive point for the regular pursuit of your equestrian activity. It's the comfortable position. It is the best thing who prepare the relationship you will have with your horse, and the ease of your horse, its the endurance and the fatigue, the well-being and the moderation of your driving during ride or the training. The importance of this criterion exceeds the others in your choice. Your morphology, your back and your hips, must be preserved to the maximum. A comfortable saddle ensures endurance and freshness, on a wide and firm seat.

Better Firmness is prefered for a better position.

The Devoucoux, Antares or Butet brands, as well as CWD, offer saddles of all types, handmade, mainly in leather, in harmony with your size. Horse rider enjoys instantaneous comfort, optimal balance and good contact with his horse, leaving him free to concentrate on his work.

It is also the criterion for choosing, in proportion to your morphology and ultimately your seat. "Hollow"," semi-hollow" or" flat" seats are a matter of anatomy of the person. Its weight also. A sturdy person will prefer a flat seat that will place him in a neutral position that he can manage, for camber of the back. A lighter person, with a fine muscle, will prefer a semi-curved seat, or a curved seat, to be maintained by the cantle in the back, which will be higher. It is necessary to finish, you find a form that corresponds, and to the posterior of the rider and the back of the horse. The seat is the centerpiece of the saddle. A soft seat, does not determine the comfort, it is the shape of the tree that must guide you also, for a well-being in sitting position, and of course, its length, which gives the size of the seat, between the nail of the saddle and the cantle.
Two things to remember: first, ask yourself what position, to put the saddle ? Be maintained by your saddle, and have feel a free move . This is important for your comfort. You will pay attention to all these points to be able to buy the best saddles, the most comfortable saddles.

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