Recomendations for first time horse saddle buyers

Did you ever wanted to try riding? The first thing to do before you start is to find your saddle. A good riding saddle will indeed be a great help during your workouts.

A riding saddle: for what use?

If this is the first time you are going to buy a saddle, know that it comes in many models. The saddles adapt themselves to the different equestrian disciplines. If you want to test most equestrian sports, then you will have to choose a mixed saddle. You can also find a saddle for training, endurance, jumping, etc. If you are going to participate in competitions, you will also be interested in choosing a right saddle to be at the top of your performances. In any case, you will need to buy a saddle that suits your horse, that is to say a model that will optimize its comfort. If you plan to train with several horses, take the time to choose the saddle that will fit all of them, otherwise you will have to buy a saddle for each horse.

Buy your riding saddle: what budget do you expect?

The purchase of a new saddle is often a significant investment, especially if you favor the famous brands in the world of horse riding. However, you can find lower prices online or in used upholstery. Do not be fooled by saddles at low prices. You risk falling on models of poor quality. Before buying one, you should try it on your horse to see if it will suit him. If you can afford it, however, it is recommended that you purchase a custom saddle that will fit you as well as your horse. You can choose between leather saddles or synthetic saddles. The former are known for their robustness. Synthetic saddles are appreciated for their lightness. If you still have a hard time choosing your first saddle, seek advice from specialists to help you make your choice.

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