Take care of your horse. It's important !

In today's world, the horse is mostly solicited for its power, speed or endurance. All of its qualities depend on the proper functioning of muscles, ligaments and tendons.

What is equine massage ?

Massage is a manual technique aimed at relieving muscle problems or relaxing the muscles in depth, before or after an effort. Massage therapy combined with stretching is recommended to re-educate the horse after an injury, accident or prolonged immobilization in the box. With a constant concern for well-being and performance improvement, horse athletes can be followed by a physiotherapist / masseur in order to prepare an important deadline and optimize its recovery as an horse of jumping, dressage competition, eventing ...
While a veterinarian acts on the general condition of your horse, an osteopath on the bones, equine massage mainly affects the muscles: 60% of a horse's body weight is composed of the muscles. Just as human athletes benefit from the care of their physiotherapist during their preparation, thanks to equine massage, horses can now also benefit from care adapted to them.

Equine massage is recommended to reduce stress (physical and psychological) of the horse by removing stiffness and softening the muscles. The objective of this treatment is a long-term follow-up to relieve the horse permanently.

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