Are there saddles for horses that have back problems?

Back problems in horses are quite common, even impossible to circumvent. Whatever the equestrian discipline practiced, your horse will always have back problems. But most owners do not notice it. Nevertheless, in all cases, there are stools suitable for mounts with back problems.

Origins of dorsal problems in horses

Each horse has a specific morphology. The most visible difference is about the withers. Indeed, we usually find two types of horses: those with the protruding withers and those with the hollow withers. Thus, each type of morphology corresponds to a suitable saddle. And an inappropriate saddle may therefore cause back problems to your horse. Without recognize it, the rider used a bad saddle on his horse and makes it adopt the wrong attitude to adapt his work according to the saddle to the detriment of its health.

In addition, an unsuitable working rhythm can also cause back problems to your horse. Indeed, repeated exercises can wear the back of the horse out, especially if no medical follow-up is performed. However, dorsal problems in the horse may also be due to a congenital malformation. In this case, you have to deal with it and design a tailor-made saddle for your horse.

Choosing a saddle for your equine

In case his horse back problems related to a natural malformation, one should design a saddle tailored for it. Indeed, by going to a saddler, you can have a personalized saddle for your mount. Although stools are suitable for all shapes such as antares saddles, designing an orthopedic saddle, adapted to the shape and back problems of its horse is the best thing to do.

On the other hand, if your pet’s back problems are due to an accident, you can also get an orthopedic saddle. This saddle will allow you to enjoy your mount, to a certain extent, and also give it time for rehabilitation.

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