Equine massage Therapy
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Because new isn't always best : equitack.com

The choice of the saddle requires its own statistics and conditions that you must maintain and improve gradually as you progress.

The equestrian mechanism to know

Reassure your horse by offering good quality tools and behaving like that person who has an affinity for his horse. There really jumpers that are perfect for the horse, they get along well and both the horse obeys voice commands that people put no long cord or being ridden also. Indeed, the statistics of the horses are divided into several categories: health, stamina, speed and acceleration, and none of them have all the perfect values.

The best riding saddles according to Equitack

You will find chairs or jump the highest quality of training by visiting equitack.com, which are adapted to the anatomy of the back of the horse and rider. Everything you need to ride with a particular focus on the disciplines of show jumping and dressage. A structured selection in several basic lines of high quality for the most experienced riders with the latest innovations and maximum quality. Another selection of high-quality products, more adjusted prices and a third option for beginners and those who still want to find the right items at a quality level. It is not in vain that the company has acquired years of experience in the riding sector working directly with over 100 different nationalities suppliers.

The new saddle is not always the right one

To make good communication, you need to customize the equipment according to the equine conformation and size of the rider, seeking the comfort and fit for them. The technical criterion for choosing a mount is pretty universal with all manner of disciplines. The new seat is much improved, but it is not always good for beginners. We need the horse gets used with a worn saddle for some time and once it's used, we put him gradually this new saddle.

Beware, there are disciplines where new saddles are inappropriate, we must see this with your horse in Council.


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